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Who Are The Freelancers?

We've been busy getting artwork, building resources, and fine tuning the game to hit Kickstarter in February 2021, but we've never really answered the question..."Who are the Freelancers". Well today Lead Writer and Designer of the game Jacob Hampton is going to finally do so!

"Hello! I'm Jacob Hampton, lead designer for Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia. In the coming weeks, I hope to share more details about both the world and the gameplay for Freelancer, as well as answer any big questions you all might have. We've been hard at work here for some time, and we're excited to share our world with you. Today, I'd like to start by sharing a little bit more about the world of Freelancer and, most importantly, who the player characters that will shape this world are.

In Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia, players take on the role of the titular Freelancers - knights who have made a solemn vow to protect the people and citizens of the nation above all else. Freelancers have gone through many changes in their long and storied history, but in the year 1906 they patrol the nation from their airship bases while accepting requests, or contracts, from various local groups and people. A Freelancer is, first and foremost, a defender of the people, but a Freelancer may be called on to do many more services, acting as an investigator, negotiator, soldier, or any other role deemed necessary.

Players will take on the role of a new Freelancer fresh from training, ready to start taking contracts and serving the nation to the best of their abilities. This is far from a simple job. The mounting tension between the Aristocratic and Parliamentarian factions grows every day, and talk of civil war or secession is on the rise in the streets and fields of Tolindia. In a perilous era, Freelancers will have to work hard to protect the people of Tolindia from harm. Without the blood, sweat, and sacrifices of Freelancers, the fires of war will spread across the nation.

What's Next?! Coming up we will share a bit about the mechanics of the game!

We have a lot to cover before February (with more content getting added every day it seems) To keep up to date follow along on our landing page and sign-up to be notified once we launch in February!

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