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Shipping Update!

Heads up Freelancers!

I don't have much of an update today but I promised you updates as soon as I get them and I got notification that the boat is due to arrive in our US port 2/15/22!!! So the timeframe may very well be quicker than anticipated depending on customs delays.

Digital rewards

We are planning to send out digital rewards along with the physical rewards. All STL files, and the core book are 100% ready, but some covid related delays have prevented the adventure modules from being released at the same time. Not to worry! "The Vanishing Airship" is close to being ready and the others will follow as regular releases.

Deluxe Editions

As mentioned in the campaign, deluxe editions will be shipping out a bit later than the standard editions due to the nature of the handcrafting process. That being said, work is underway on those and you won't be waiting too much longer than everyone else.

As always, I will continue updating you all as more details become available. Until Next time, FOR TOLINDIA!!!

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