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Books Arriving and Digital Rewards

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

We are super excited to be seeing people receiving their books and already diving headfirst into creating their teams and exploring the lore. If you have any questions or have any ideas to share please don't hesitate to join our active community on Discord. Digital Rewards We have confirmed delivery of all Core Book PDFs and STL files. The first adventure module will be added soon as well. If you feel you are missing something I urge you to please check your email including your spam folder. If you still can't find the links, feel free to message us at: and we will help you get your rewards! International Backers & Deluxe Editions While international fulfillment has had a minor delay as described in our previous updates, things are still moving forward. We just want to make sure none of you are hit with paying extra VATs. Deluxe Editions are still in production and I am very excited to show them off soon. Due to this delay, both international backers and Runescribe backers will be receiving the PDF edition. Official Launch Our plan has been to launch the book officially in early Q2 which I can say will absolutely be happening! Our official launch date is 4/1/22! You will be able to purchase physical books, PDFs, and STL packs and download free map tiles and character sheets from our web store then. Wondercon 2022 is coming up fast and happens to be 4/1-4/3 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Come celebrate our official launch by demoing with us!!! I know this has been a very text dense update but we had a lot to say. We are so excited to be making headway towards our goal of 100% delivery! Until next time, FOR TOLINDIA!!!

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