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Games on the Move!!!

Hello everybody, we have some big news for everybody today! All games have arrived and all pledges are being prepared for shipping!!!

What this means:

US Backers: Your physical rewards will be sent out by the end of the week and you should all be ready to play very soon!

International Backers: Our fulfillment hub had to scale back significantly during Covid and can't guarantee VAT friendly shipping anymore. Not to fear, I am rerouting all your pledges to another fulfillment hub so that you don't get charged extra, this will however take a bit more time and for that I am sorry.

Deluxe Games: Our artist in charge of handcrafting the deluxe games has received your books and begun the process of upgrading them! (Check out her other work and get excited!!!) This will take some time however so you will need to continue being patient. (It's gonna be so worth it though!)

Digital Rewards: PDF editions of the core book, STLs, and the soundtrack are being sent out early next week to ALL BACKERS!!! As for the adventure modules and other digital rewards, they are coming as well at a later date.

Supplies are en route!

We are so grateful to you all for helping us get this far! If you are looking for groups to play, I highly recommend joining our Discord. We have lots of fan content, digital game sessions, rules discussions and reveals, and general comradery and fun! We will keep you all updated as more progress gets made but until then, FOR TOLINDIA!!!

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