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What to expect in 2022!

Hi everybody, sorry for the delay in updating you all but we had a very busy time getting shipping sorted in time to beat the holiday rush as well as a nasty cold that made this update later than intended.

Good news though! All core games and dice packs are 100% complete. We are air shipping copies now to begin working on the Deluxe editions asap!

We have been informed that freight shipping should take about 2 months at this point so our expectation is to begin fulfillment by March and launch to the public in April!!!

We will also be fulfilling many of the digital rewards along with the physical books including all STLs and the "Vanishing Airship" contract module.

Hope this update finds you all well. We can't wait to share more as we get closer to launch. If you are looking for more opportunities to demo with us, (we had a blast at SDCC 2021 and even had a few people create their own freelancers!!!) we will be demoing at Wondercon 2022 in Anaheim April 1-3.

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