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Welcome to Tolindia

Today we are going to dive into the rich world of "Freelancers: Skies Over Tolindia"

The game is set in 1906 DR, in the country of Tolindia - a mighty nation on the eastern edge of its continent. The nation has a long and storied history, spanning back 1900 years to the dawn of the new calendar. Founded upon a single lodge of Dragonslayers, the nation has grown from its humble beginnings to become the economic powerhouse of the world. Beloved by its own people, respected by its allies, and envied by its enemies, Tolindia is a proud nation full of members of every mortal species alive today.

The land is sunny and hardy, with the equator running through the southernmost province. Rich, fertile fields make up the heart of the nation, where in some regions it rains every day. Industrialization has reached full swing in the central provinces, and factories and railroads carve out sections of the map. The more distant provinces remain mostly wilderness, crawling with vicious wildlife, dragons, and the monstrous abominations of the ancients. Dragons are the heart of Tolindian society in many ways, ever since it was discovered that you could use processed Dragon Oil to make incredibly powerful magical runes. By tapping in to the powerful magics of the dragons, Tolindia has created vast fleets of airships and incredible pieces of technology, utilizing magic and machinery to create wondrous devices. It is an age of discovery, and it seems new inventions and runic applications are being patented every day. Today, Tolindia’s Queen Luciana and the rest of the Royal Family have kept ceremonial authority, but the government is primarily run by Parliament. The ideas of republicanism and democracy are still new to Tolindia. In 1906 DR, the nation has only enjoyed 34 years of Parliamentarian leadership, and it has been tested many times during this short period. However, its greatest test still lies just on the edge of the horizon. The nation is at the tipping point. The old aristocracy has begun to gather their power and resources, seeking to return to the old ways of aristocratic rule while Parliament encroaches on their ancestral authority every day. In the west of the nation, many of the elves of the Highlands province have begun to cry out for independence, threatening to secede. These ideals are getting increasingly extreme, and the Tolindian people are whispering their concerns over civil war and corruption.

What's Next?! The people of Tolindia will be relying on you!

As Freelancers, players are tasked with the mission to preserve the peace of the nation by keeping the politics and corruption in check. They will travel to each of the provinces in their airships, and sometimes they will be tasked with venturing beyond the borders of the nation to aid Tolindia’s allies. Next time we will take a look at a very special ally of Tolindia and an epic addition to our upcoming Kickstarter!

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