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We're Almost There!

We have a lot for you today! To start, I am excited to share something very special with you, an early proof copy of the Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia Rulebook!

Do I spy a rogue dice pack in there too?

Artwork and the cover design are not final, but we are very happy with the quality of product we got from our printers, and we think you will be too! We’re eager to get these books out to all of you soon! But of course… what exactly is in this book? Well, today we’re going to be taking a look at the first three chapters!

The Low Down The book is divided into 10 chapters, which give you everything you need as either a player or a game master. Throughout the book, you can find artwork, fiction, stories, and even the lyrics to a song or two (thanks to the creative minds of our Discord community). As you go through, Alonso Zamudio, Marshal of the Freelancer 4th Support Division, will serve as your guide – introducing you to the world and its dangers just as he would to a Freelancer recruit. Each section will begin with a quote by Zamudio, and he will serve as a sort of everyman to give you a glimpse of what the average Tolindian commoner thinks about the world.

“You want to know more about the different political factions? Well, all I have to say is that they’re made up of people just like you and me. That’s what makes me not trust any of them.” – Alonso Zamudio Chapter 1: Lore The first chapter of the book is dedicated to introducing you to the world of Freelancer. You can read about the history of Tolindia: its founding in the ashes of the Dragon War nearly 1900 years ago. Its rise from a lodge of Dragonslayers to the mighty nation it is today. This section will also detail the current state of affairs in Tolindia, telling you everything about Parliament, the Aristocratic Faction, and the Secessionist Movement. This chapter will also delve into nearby foreign nations – both those precious few who can be counted on as allies and the imposing might of those who might be enemies. Of course, this chapter will also tell you a bit about the Freelancers themselves. However, this isn’t the only place you’ll find information on the Freelancers, and throughout the entire book they will leave their mark. After all, you are the knights of Tolindia!

Chapter 2: Core Rules This chapter details all of the basic rules you need to play, from when and how to roll the dice to how your Freelancer can pull a daredevil stunt in an airplane in the midst of a chase. In this section, you can learn how to stand your ground in the various conflicts a Freelancer will undoubtedly face. This chapter also introduces an example team of Freelancers who you can follow throughout the entire rest of the book – or play as in our first Module: The Vanishing Airship. Those of you who have played the demo may already know several of them! As you read through the book, they will appear in examples of play, showing you how the game is played, as well as appearing as the main cast in the artwork and stories you will see. Chapter 3: Character Creation Of course, the example Freelancers are not the only way to play! Chapter 3 is all about creating your own unique Freelancer. You begin by choosing your species, and then craft your character’s story from their childhood to now. This is also where you will choose your Virtue – the thing that sets you apart from other people and makes you truly heroic. However, Freelancers are still mortal, so you will also choose a Vice – a temptation that your Freelancer struggles with. Will you be a Courageous soldier who can sometimes be just a little too Curious? Or perhaps you’d rather be an Intuitive scholar who has a tendency to be a Heavy Drinker? Once your personality has been determined, you will form your bonds with your teammates. From there, you determine your starting Statistics, Skills, and Abilities before finishing with your starting equipment. After that, you’re ready for active duty, Freelancer!

More Minis?

Lastly, our friends at Eldritch Foundry have just launched a new Kickstarter with some amazing STL files that you will not want to miss out on. What's more, they are already unlocking stretch goals that will add many new options for creating your own Freelancer minis through their system.

That’s all for today, but tune in next time for when we reveal more from the book! Until then:

For Tolindia!

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