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The Inside Scoop

Alright everybody, we've got some news that has us bouncing off the walls!!!

All books have been printed and are awaiting covers! Dice Sets and clamshells are also finished and just waiting on cardstock to be printed and assembled. We even got a short video from the manufacturer showing just how many books there are!

Thank you all for making this all a reality. It couldn't have happened without you all!

In continuing with our look at the rulebook, we will dive into the last three Chapters in Freelancer. There is just a little bit left for players… and quite a bit more for Game Masters!

Chapter 8: Runes and Enchanting

While mortals cannot cast magical spells the way dragons and some monsters do, they are not entirely cut off from magical aid. By using Runes, Freelancers can enhance their equipment to supernatural heights. Each piece of equipment has a limited number of Rune Slots, so players will need to carefully choose which Runes they wish to add to an item to maximize its potential. A Guidance Rune may make your rifle more accurate, but perhaps you need the Keen Rune to increase your armor penetration? Or maybe you’d rather have the Silence Rune to make it into a perfect weapon for stealth operations? Combine Runes to find the exact configuration that suits your playstyle.

Runes aren’t just for weapons, however, and you can put Runes on a large variety of equipment, from your helmet to your boots. Of course, you can also stock up on Runic Ammunition to vary your options on the fly. Runic Ammunition can increase the effective range of a weapon, ignore cover, and have many other effects. Advanced Runic Ammunition can go even further, with the ability to turn a simple bullet into a force of destruction that can bring down an airship.

Chapter 9: Game Master’s Section

This chapter is all about what it is like to run a game of Freelancer as the Game Master, and includes details on how to lead a group through the world of Tolindia. In addition, it also has a streamlined set of rules on how to check the power and influence of the various factions after a Contract is complete, allowing the Game Master to easily keep track of the situation in Tolindia. This won’t require serious bookkeeping, and Game Masters will be able to manage the factions at a glance. Game Masters will also be able to make their own custom factions if they wish, seamlessly adding them to the world as they see fit.

This chapter also has rules for the various secret factions, such as [REDACTED]. It will also tell you how players can [REDACTED], so the next time [REDACTED] attempts to [REDACTED] the players can be ready! We’d tell you more, but if we did [REDACTED] might not like us blabbing about their [REDACTED]!

Chapter 10: NPCs: Potential Foes and Allies

The final chapter of the book is a big one, weighing in at 48 pages! This chapter contains all of the various forces and foes that Freelancers can encounter, as well as rules on how to control them as a Game Master. The chapter begins with rules on how to create and control Non-Player Characters (or NPCs) at any scale, from a single strong-willed champion to hordes of soldiers. NPCs are meant to be simple to use, so a Game Master doesn’t have to be fighting to keep track of every little detail and can instead focus on storytelling and creating memorable encounters.

After this, the chapter goes into the profiles for just about anything you can encounter while on a Contract for the Freelancers. Here, you’ll find not only rules but also descriptions of instinct and behavior to better use these NPCs during a Contract. There are more than 60 different entries for mortals and monsters you might encounter, from the average Tolindian Garrison Soldier, to the mighty Crag Wyrm of the mountains, to the dread Hawk Ogre who dwells in ancient ruins. Dragons, monsters, the unliving, wildlife, and mortals all await you. Of course, very few of the NPCs detailed within are always hostile, and in strange times, Freelancers may find themselves with unlikely allies against monstrous threats.

Coming Up!!!

SDCC Special Edition is only one week away! We are going to be demoing Freelancer A LOT and showing off the full print proof of the rulebook. We will also have several of our STLs printed and painted to show off as well as lots of other games and goodies so if you can make it don't forget to drop by and hang out with us. We'd love the opportunity to thank you in person (and even help you make your first official Freelancers)!

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