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The Cat’s Out of the Bag!

A hearty thanks to everyone who engaged in the latest poll! We are beyond excited to announce the latest addition to the Freelancer universe... Introducing the Saimi (Catfolk)

South of Tolindia lies the mighty Anok Kingdom, home to the Saimi people. The Anok Kingdom is one of the few absolute monarchies considered to be a global power in the Freelancer world. Their ruler Odjiuro reigns over a totalitarian regime that would be unimaginable in other nations. The entire life of a person is decided the moment they are born based on the needs of the kingdom.

There are many who have opposed Odjiuro’s rise to power or desired freedom to determine their own fate. Swift and powerful retaliation has scattered them across the globe, fleeing the incredible wrath of the Anok. Many of these refugees end up in Tolindia, seeking a better life. The natural abilities and strength of the various Saimi peoples make them valued candidates for the Freelancers, while the ability to wield deadly retractable claws make them quite formidable, even when unarmed. Mai-hesa The Mai-hesa are the most common Saimi and are known around the world for their tremendous roars and the massive manes of their males. None are more intimidating than the Mai-hesa, and with a glance and a resounding snarl they can break the wills of the heartiest foes. Any foolish enough to stand their ground face a truly powerful opponent.

Kemet Kemet are the largest of the Saimi, and will be the largest playable species in Freelancer. Made immediately recognizable by their iconic orange and black striped fur, the Kemet have a reputation for being some of the fiercest fighters in the world. They prefer to fight with their bare paws and claws, as the smaller weaponry made by mortals is too small to wield easily with their massive fingers. However, this is hardly a handicap for one who can twist metal and tear armor apart without the assistance of additional weaponry.

Besa The Besa are far less well known than their cousins, and that is just how they like it. Despite their impressive height, they can move silently with effortless grace. Though not quite as powerful as the other Saimi, they are adept at stealth, blending into their surroundings with their sleek fur. Their natural capabilities have been the cause of more than a few jealous arguments between Tolindian military groups, fighting over the few Besa candidates available.

Ubaste The Ubaste are an oddity among the Saimi, being the only species that is shorter than a human, standing on average at around 4 feet. Centuries ago, the Ubaste were driven out of the south by the other Saimi who saw them as worthless due to their small bodies and weak constitutions. Don't let their inherent cuteness fool you however, as Ubaste have proven to be incredibly dexterous and agile. Their physical weakness quickly becomes meaningless when you cannot get close enough to stike one. Ubaste now live primarily alongside the Geckos in the Alangban Federation. Many end up in Tolindia making themselves valuable members of the Freelancers. We are also happy to announce the addition of a new Martial Style Skill Tree – a series of techniques, developed by the Saimi, for unarmed combat. This style will be usable by all characters, but the Saimi will find it especially advantageous with their natural claws. Thanks again for all your participation, allowing us to add these new options to the game early! We've still got plenty of time to reach even more! If you're not a member of our growing Discord community yet, check it out! Not only will you be helping us reach yet another social goal, you'll find a friendly group of people to discuss the rules, build characters, and play the game with!

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