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Pledge Manager Up!

The pledge manager has arrived! Thank you all for your patience while we got it set up. Using this link, you can now add your pledges to your cart! Don't worry, you won't be charged again for your pledge, only prompted to pay for shipping if your rewards require it. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade or add items onto your existing pledge.

The Kemet are one of the largest playable species in Freelancer.

There will also be a limited opportunity to bring on new crewmembers through late pledges, so share the above link, let your friends know that we are successfully funded, and bring them aboard! Now, we have an exciting announcement about the production and quality of the game. We know many of you were hoping for that last stretch-goal. Well, after discussions with the manufacturers, and with all of your generous pledges, we will be upgrading to hardcover production! That's right, all core books will now be hardcover books! (This is not to be confused with the deluxe, limited edition, leather-bound copies from the "Runescribe Level." An update on those will be coming soon.) Thank you all again for your patience and support! We can't wait to fight alongside you. FOR TOLINDIA!!!

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