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On The Boat!

Almost There!

Hello again, Freelancers! We know you are all eagerly awaiting your books and I'm glad to announce that all physical products are on the way! I am expecting the shipment to arrive in port late February or early March. From there it to be sent out to each backer very soon after. I am following up for updates daily and will let you all know as soon as I have more info.

Today, Jacob Hampton will be giving you all a preview of what is to come in our first Campaign Module, "The Vanishing Airship"!

Home Sweet Home

"First, I have to confess… I just can’t help myself when it comes to creating more content for Freelancer! As such, every Module will not only come with a scenario for teams to run through but brand-new rules for expanded content as well. For example, in The Vanishing Airship¸ we have added new weapon options in the form of shotguns, as well as multiple new profiles for enemies that GMs can use to provide even more encounters than before. In future Modules, such as The Forgotten Depths, we will also be adding more options for equipment, runes, and later on even new ability paths for your Freelancer to explore.

Of course, we realize that some groups prefer to always play with custom scenarios, and we certainly understand the potential frustration with having to buy an entire Module just to get a few new rules that you are interested in! As such, all new options for players and GMs that are included in a Campaign Module will also be made available for free on our website a few months after a Module’s release.

Now, let’s move on to the story. For those of you who have played the demo, you already have had the opportunity to play through Act I of this module. For those of you who have not had a chance to play through the demo, beware some potential spoilers of the events of Act I.

Act I ends with several questions still unanswered, even for the most thorough investigators. Where are the remaining hostages? Is this group of brigands acting alone or are they part of a larger conspiracy? Who is the Woman in the Green Cloak?

Act II will pick up immediately from where Act I ends, with a train full of foes pulling out of the city. The Freelancers will need to get civilians to safety and then pursue that train!

In this moment, players will start to see some of their decisions and accomplishments from Act I come into play. The state of certain NPCs will play a part in what support players will receive on their way into the fray. Aid may come from unexpected places. The hijackers are starting to get desperate, and with Freelancers on their trail they will do everything they can to stop the team from foiling their plans.

Players will need to board their Airship and prepare to pursue that train – but it isn’t that simple. They aren’t just going to sit back and let you catch up to them. Freelancers will have to brace for Airship Combat. From there, they can either do a frenzied Chase, following the train while dodging anti-aircraft fire or engage in brutal Combat as they board the train and work their way towards the locomotive.

Regardless of what a team chooses, however, violence is unavoidable in Act II. Freelancers will need to prepare themselves for incoming fire.

Of course, fighting in the open skies is not exactly subtle, and players may end up attracting the attention of those nearby. Will new allies arrive or will new a new obstruction be placed in your path?

Well, I’d love to answer those questions for you now, but I suppose you’ll just have to wait and see the answers when the Module releases!"

Arm Yourselves with Knowledge!

What's Next!?

We've got some big events coming up that we are very excited about:

  • 2/19/22 (1:00pm - 4:00pm) - Demo at Gameology Games (100 W Green St, Pasadena, CA 91105). Join us as we show off the finished book and dice and even build your first Freelancers!

  • 3/14/22 - 3/18/22 - GAMA Tradeshow (Peppermill Casino/Reno NV). We'll be showing off our games and offering demo opportunities all week long!!!

  • 4/1/22 - 4/3/22 (All Day!!!) - Demos at Wondercon 2022 (Anaheim Convention Center, CA). We'll be demoing all of SafeHaven's catalogue of games over 3 full days! Drop by for yet another demo of Freelancer and maybe a sneak peak of our next big project...

Until next time, FOR TOLINDIA!

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