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Music To My Ears!

With only a couple days left, we have yet another exciting piece of news for all our wonderful backers!!

Our friends at Metis Media are producing an epic 60+min soundtrack for "Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia". It will be available to purchase after our official release, but all our Kickstarter backers will have it added to their pledges automatically at no cost! As if this wasn't enough good news, Metis Media are currently running their own Kickstarter campaign to fund their ambient library and produce more custom music for your RPGs!

check out their active campaign here!

If you fancy your character having their own theme song to play whenever they enter the room or a fitting ambiance for your custom setting, here is your chance! Just let them know that you have also backed us, and they will make your custom tracks 10% longer with 2-3 additional layers of instruments! We are SO close to unlocking yet another stretch goal AND another social goal in these final days! There's still time to unlock one last new playable species poll before the campaign ends, so join our Discord community and invite your friends to join as well!

THANK YOU! We wouldn't be here with out you!

For Tolindia!

Discord Invite Link: (

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