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Save the Majestic Krollbjorn! Native to the Tolindian Highlands, the Curl-Bear makes for a fearsome opponent...or ally.

SafeHaven Games has partnered with SavePangolins to do just that and help the world's most trafficked mammal. We are offering an exciting add-on to our pledge manager (after our successful Kickstarter) consisting of an exclusive one-shot adventure, featuring non-other than the Krollbjorn, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the aforementioned organization to help care for their real-world counterparts. Thanks to our friends at DracoStudios we even have an awesome STL file to allow you to bring the Krollbjorn to your own game-table!

The Krollbjorn has many names in different regions - Armaduroso, Manisoso, and Pangolisi just to name a few, but all agree that it is the King of the Bears. Covered in keratin scales, these bears sleep curled up in a nearly impenetrable ball of armor. Weighing in at half a ton on average, these are powerful creatures indeed! Behaviour: Krollbjorn are solitary hunters, although during times of hunger they have been known to work together. They in general try to avoid mortals, although they have been known to confuse smaller mortals such as Mysh and Geckos for their more usual prey of smaller mammals. Habitat: Krollbjorn live in the colder regions of Tolindia, typically near rivers where they can catch fish and thirsty animals. Legends: Nearly every culture in Tolindia has legends of the "King of the Bears" and all agree that they are fiercely defensive of their habitats and will even rush to the aid of animals usually considered to be prey. Their thick scales are strong enough to withstand the most powerful attacks and their rending claws can even pierce the hull of most airships.

What's Next?! Well, that's a lot of news but we're nowhere near done yet!

Next time we will highlight one of the most important elements of any game...Combat!

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