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Based on YOUR VOTES, we are excited to reveal that the next playable species in Freelancer will be: SHARKFOLK! An aquatic people, the Sharkfolk have long lived on the many islands scattered across the oceans of the world. For much of history, their limited resources made them struggle to find a place on the global stage. Still, over the last couple centuries, they have surged in power due to an incredible knack for mercantilism, turning the scattered islands into powerful nations.

The coastal regions of Tolindia have long been home to Sharkfolk traders and immigrants. Freelancers have accepted these people among their ranks due to their shrewd reputations and natural physical abilities. After all, having a Freelancer who can breathe underwater has proven beneficial in many ways! Sharkfolk will come in three main variants, each based on their size. While different Sharkfolk nations call these variants different things, in Tolindia they are known as:


The most common Sharkfolk are a powerful species known for their agility and strength. They are highly valued as breachers and guards among the Freelancers for their ability to quickly react to a situation and strike any threats down with ferocity.


These Sharkfolk are a small species, and they combine agility with a surprising tenacity. They make expert scouts and trackers, using their naturally keen senses and mobility to find their quarry reliably.


The Hokua are truly massive, with hulking bodies and thick muscles. They are a shockingly intimidating sight to behold, with their teeth reaching up to three inches in length. However, they are surprisingly agile for their size, letting them bring their strength to bear with devastating force. All three Sharkfolk variants will have two special abilities. The first is the ability to breathe underwater – a useful bonus in many situations. The second, however, is far more dangerous, for Sharkfolk are infamous for their natural tendency to frenzy when they smell blood. While frenzied, a Sharkfolk will be able to attack quicker than ever, gaining an additional action every turn to perform a melee attack! However, they must be careful not to fight too wild – in their frenzy they may have trouble telling friend from foe! Guilherme Motta is working on some art for them right now! We'll be sure to share those with you all in future updates. As some people are having trouble finding the specific social goals post to share, we are updating the Facebook social goal. Share ANY of our posts to help unlock another playable species! That being said, we are already close, so be ready for another poll soon!

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