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In Otter News...

YOU voted, and the latest playable species being added to Freelancer is... Otterfolk: The Loutre

The Loutre come from the riverlands of the Republic of Ruisseau, south of the Anok Kingdom. Ruisseau is a small nation, but rich in natural resources, meaning they are a target for their powerful and ambitious neighbors. However, it also makes them more industrial than any other nation, heavy weapons and machinery keeping would-be-conquerors in check.

The Loutre are an accepting people. Those of all species and backgrounds also make the Republic their home. For the last six hundred years, the Republic has been a reliable friend of Tolindia, where trade and cultural exchanges happen freely. However, in order to keep the Anok Kingdom’s aggression at bay, they have built the Orage Line - a series of fortresses with massive cannons, capable of destroying a heavy airship with a single hit. This mighty wall was recently built, and is so far untested. But any who look at the fortifications will realize it would be folly for any army to take the Orage Line head-on. Behind this mighty bulwark, the nation is a thriving center for art and education.

Loutre are always welcome among the Freelancers, as they are sharp-minded and socially adept. While they are not capable of mighty feats to strength, their energetic intellectualism more than makes up for this. Loutre Freelancers are also extremely mobile on both land and water. On land they are capable of dashing about quickly and slipping out of their foes’ reach. While in the water, they can swim skillfully, cutting through rough seas with ease. This addition of Otterfolk also comes with new skills. We will be adding two new martial styles from the Republic of Ruisseau. While usable by any character, these abilities compliment the fluidity of the Loutre. The first new style focuses on dual-wielding weapons. Those who master it can slip in and out of melee with ease while performing extra attacks. This style can be used with any weapon, so long as the fighter has a matched pair- meaning, whether a character specializes in axes or fists, the skill remains just as effective as a character with swords or daggers. Masters will be able to fluidly chain their attacks between targets and shift through the ranks of their enemies while dealing lethal blows. The second martial style focuses upon the bow and arrow. In the modern era, arrows can be made into reusable runic ammunition, meaning many Freelancers prefer the bow over modern weapons like rifles or pistols. Ina return to the more ancient roots of the Loutre, this martial style allows the user to master the bow, learning how to arc shots at targets, smoothly nock another arrow into place, and maximize their draw power for increased damage. A master bowman with a quiver full of runic arrows will be tremendously versatile on the battlefield. The Loutre craftsmanship also comes into play as the addition of the Compound Bow & the Mechanical Bow make up for the Loutre's inherent lack of physical strength, allowing them to deal consistent damage without relying on high draw strength. The Loutre mark the third major addition to your playable options, thanks to your engagement and support! We've seen a lot of votes for the other choices as well. The more social goals we reach, the more we can unlock!

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