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Combat Mechanics

Ready for Combat? Today we will be taking a look at just how combat conflicts resolve in Tolindia.

Our resident writer and designer Jacob Hampton is back to cover just how such an important game mechanic works and how the classless character creation (covered earlier) allows players to tailor combat into their favor any way they'd like.

“Some people like fighting, I’ve been told. I don’t, but I can tell you I sure prefer winning every fight I’m in to the alternative. You better know how to handle yourself in a fight!”

In "Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia", there will be times when diplomacy and subterfuge can no longer resolve an issue, and lead and steel will carry the day. Bullets fly, powerful explosions shake the earth, steel flashes, and death can come in one swift moment. While a Freelancer’s primary duty is as an investigator and protector, none are naïve enough to assume they will never see combat.

While on the ground, combat is both fluid and tactical. Each turn, a character will have a list of available actions depending on their positioning and their equipment. Starting out, these options will be limited, but characters will develop more as they gain experience. Finding the right combination of actions as a team is critical to the mission’s success and your survival. The most basic action is simply to either "Strike" or "Fire". Players will roll a number of D10s equal to either their "Prowess" or "Marksmanship" respectively. If the number of successes (results of 7 or greater) is higher than the target's "Defense" they are hit and dealt damage equal to the weapon's damage rating (+1 for every success over the target's "Defense")!

Freelancers will have the ability to pursue many different Martial Styles and players can learn both the ancient ways of combat as well as the modern. These different styles grant a wide variety of options from passive bonuses to additional actions (both in and out of combat). A character may be able to knock foes onto their back, strike multiple foes at once, reload while on the move, set up incredible sniper shots, fade into the shadows in the middle of battle, and much more. Experienced characters will seamlessly pull from different styles to create powerful combinations, blending the techniques of the different styles for their weapon of choice. For example, one school of swordsmanship teaches effective parries while another teaches students how to follow up with brutal counterattacks. Freelancers can each fight exactly how they want to, building their own unique set of options. The possibilities are nearly endless! In the air, everything is magnified as rifles are replaced with cannon fire, and an “injury” to an airship can send it plummeting to the ground. Freelancers will need to focus on more than their personal combat skills (but that is a topic for another email!)

Tolindia is a dangerous place, Freelancer, so don’t slack in your training now! For Tolindia! - Jacob Hampton

What's Next?! Coming up we will be going back into the Lore book and take a look at Runes!

We have a lot to cover before February (with more content getting added every day it seems) To keep up to date follow along on our landing page and sign-up to be notified once we launch in February!

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