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Becoming A Freelancer!

Today we'll teach you the steps that go into creating your own unique characters in "Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia"

Character creation in "Freelancer" is an immersive experience and to encourage players to really get into their characters' heads as they prepare them for the various roles awaiting them as members of the Freelancer Corps. In the sections below we will cover each step of the character creation process as guided by Alonso, the character in charge of orienteering all basic training for Freelancer recruits.

“‘Lo there, Recruit, and welcome to the Freelancers. Always nice to see some fresh faces! Pretty soon we’ll have you up in the skies, but before we get started here, why don’t you tell me about yourself?”

Choose a Species and Past

"Tell me a bit about yourself, recruit. Where are you from?"

There are many different playable species coexisting in the melting-pot that is Tolindia. Every mortal species, from the rodent-like Gryzuny to the thick scaled Dragonkin, all have found a way to thrive here, each bringing their own personal journey to becoming a Freelancer.

Personality and Bonds

"Where you come from is important, never forget that. But I care more about who you are today. Tell me a bit about yourself."

Everybody has their own motives and their own personality. This also applies to Freelancers. Some of these personality traits will provide the Freelancer strength in their adventures, while others may end up being a stumbling block. Every Freelancer must pick a single Virtue and a single Vice. These traits not only give immediately tangible bonuses, but they can also help players explore how they will roleplay and engage with the world. Then, players will determine their connections, from their family and friends to how well they know the other Freelancers journeying with them.


"Well, enough of all the pleasantries. Right now I care more about seeing if you have what it takes to take to the skies. Let's see what you're made of!"

Statistics are an indicator of the basic physical, mental, and social capabilities of your Freelancer. These are measurements of the raw ability of your Freelancer, and do not show skill, techniques, or any tricks your Freelancer has learned to maximize their effectiveness. Each Statistic is usable in a variety of situations, and may determine your Freelancer’s capabilities in multiple areas:

Strength is an indicator of how much physical power your Freelancer has. Strength will allow your Freelancer to lift heavy objects, hit hard, and look tough.

Intelligence is a ranking of your Freelancer’s accumulated knowledge. Intelligence allows you to outwit your foes, decipher mysteries, and calculate cannon ballistics.

Dexterity measures your Freelancer’s hand-eye coordination. This affects things such as aim and sleight of hand, both useful skills in the skies.

Agility is a ranking of your Freelancer’s quickness on their feet. Agility helps you to sneak, dodge, and maintain your balance.

Vitality represents your natural toughness. A Freelancer with high Vitality can take more hits and endure greater hardships, and is well conditioned for anything requiring athletic ability.

Resolve is a representation of your mental fortitude and willpower. Resolve lets you withstand terrifying encounters and resist temptation.

Charm is your Freelancer’s ability to talk eloquently and persuasively. Charm helps you to convince others that you’re a friend, and is also used to taunt your foes.


"You've certainly got the right stuff, so what did you train in?"

Skills are a representation of what your character knows and what they know how to do. Skills are of vital importance to any Freelancer, as it is Skill that determines how well your character can perform certain actions. Many of these skills will start out low but grow as you train in between contracts or get practice in during a session. You'll be able to focus your efforts as you see fit to build the archetype you want to play.


"I'm told you've shown yourself to be something special in training. What sets you apart from the other recruits?"

Abilities, unlike Statistics and Skills, will modify the options your character has, or change the way the rules apply to your character. These can be very powerful, and can make two different characters play and feel very different from one another. Abilities are sorted into a series of Ability Paths. Once all other Abilities in a path have been learned, each Path also has a Master Ability that grants a particularly powerful effect. Crafty Freelancers will combine Abilities from different Paths to create stunning combinations of effects.


"Lookin' good recruit, now let's get you geared up and ready for your first mission."

Upon character creation, each character begins with 200 Escudos - the currency of Tolindia - to purchase any gear they want. While combat gear may seem like the obvious choice, there are also other valuable tools a Freelancer can acquire. Some may even choose to invest their money in business or real estate, sacrificing a bit of early cash for long-term gain. Of course, if you do want to invest in combat gear there are a wide variety of firearms, melee weapons, explosives, and armor to choose from. Throughout their career, Freelancers will have the option to upgrade their gear with magic Runes, gaining incredible powers. (More on Runes will be coming in a future update!)

What's Next?! Coming up we will be taking a look at some of the enemies you might face!

We have a lot to cover before February (with more content getting added every day it seems) To keep up to date follow along on our landing page and sign-up to be notified once we launch in February!

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