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At the Printer!

Welcome back! We have some exciting news to share with you today, as well as some more information about the contents of the book. It is quite the hefty book, too, with a final page count of 348 (not including the title page or the table of contents)! All files are at the printer and being manufactured as we speak!!! I have been promised some videos and photos from the floor soon so expect to see some of those in our next update. With the physical product out of our hands for the time being our next step is to finalize and polish the digital rewards! Last time, we walked you through the first three chapters, which included the Lore of the world of Freelancer, the Core Rules, and Character Creation. Today, we will be detailing four more of the Chapters you will find in Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia! Chapter 4: Character Advancement and Renown Players will take on the role of fresh recruits to the Freelancers starting out, but over time they will grow in many ways as they complete Contracts and gain experience. Skills will grow organically through usage, but can also be trained during your breaks between missions. This chapter will detail how your Freelancer can improve their capabilities by gaining Renown – which serves to measure both your experience and how far your legend will go. This chapter also details the many medals and ribbons that a Freelancer can earn from High Command, from the Courageous Medal that is earned through sacrifice to the prestigious Royal Order of Valor, which comes with a noble title! Chapter 5: Abilities Abilities are a core part of any Freelancer’s development, and learning Abilities is how you can truly customize your Freelancer. These are presented as several different Ability Paths, each of which is a different training program or set of programs that a Freelancer can undergo to learn new techniques. Abilities can give you new options in different Conflicts, modify the Actions all characters have by default, or give you bonuses in various situations. There are no strict character Classes in Freelancer, and players will instead create their own character by pursuing different Ability Paths over time – creating a unique character that can choose from a massive number of Abilities (325 different Abilities, to be exact. Not counting those Abilities that only monstrous foes can get, of course!) without getting lost in your possible choices. Chapter 6: Equipment This chapter is all about equipment, from the smallest knife to the heaviest piece of artillery. Each player will begin with 200 Escudos (the currency of Tolindia) to purchase what they want. This means that some options will be out of their initial budget, but while a Freelancer may not be able to get the exact variety of item they want right away, there is always a cheaper option available to begin with.

When it comes to weapons and armor, there is often not a clear best option, and in most cases it is less about hoarding vast quantities of wealth to buy the supreme option and more about finding the right tool for you. Do you want the long range and ruthlessness of the Belmonte 1903 Bolt-Action Sharpshooter’s Rifle, or would you rather have the mobility and precision of the Oleastra 1901 Bolt-Action Carbine? Or maybe you decide to go with a Crossbow so you can have a silent weapon for stealth operations, or the Rendon Repeater Rifle so you can keep up a sustained rate of fire? The choice will be yours. This is just a selection of the ranged weapons available to a character, and you can expect to make similar decisions for other weapons, armor, and your personal field gear. Of course, where equipment really gets customized is once you start adding Runes, but that will have to wait until next time…

Fortunately for the team, Ravamana has trained her engineering just for moments like this.

Chapter 7: Vehicles Vehicles are a core part of Freelancer, and from the very start every Freelancer Independent Team or Dragoon Wing begins with their own vehicles. This chapter includes the many vehicles that Freelancers may interact with throughout their Contracts. A vehicle can be either a tremendous help or a terrifying foe depending on who the crew are! This section will detail the cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, and airships that can be found in Tolindia and in the surrounding area. Players will begin with either a Drake Class Airship, a Sparrow Class Airship, or a small group of Albatross Class Airplanes.

Like equipment, vehicles all have a cost to purchase, which is often far beyond what an individual can be expected to afford in many cases. However, Freelancer Teams also share a combined Funding – a larger pool of wealth that can be used to upgrade their vehicles – either by replacing them with a new one or buying additional vehicles so they can bring the right machine for the right job. When it comes to what vehicle you will choose, the sky is the limit (pun very much intended)!


Lastly, we would like to announce our attendance at San Diego Comic Con Special Edition 2021! This event will be held at the San Diego Convention Center November 26th-28th and we will be demoing the full suite of SafeHaven Games including many sessions of Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia! We hope to see many of you there, until Next Time:


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