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SafeHaven Games in your Safe Haven

Here at SafeHaven Games, we realize that due to the COVID-19 threat, many of us have had to shelter in place and stay inside our own little safe haven. We know that this time is filled with uncertainty for many, and we want to bring at least a little light out at a time like this. Now is an excellent time to play tabletop games with your family, and we are happy to say that we now have all of our games back in stock and available in our store.

Looking for something for the whole family? Web Spinners is a fantastic game for a family to play, allowing for up to 6 players at a time. The game is simple to learn, but the depth of tactics will keep your family engaged for game after game after game!

Looking for something for two players? Winds of Fortune is a great game for two players who want to command their own fleet of ships, with a large variety of customization options that allow for infinite strategies.

And if you're looking for something you can start right now to push your tactical mind to the furthest limit, Omniverse is available as a free download from our store! Download the rules today, assemble your forces, and play the most accessible miniatures rules at any time. Use any miniatures, models, or toys from any genre and wage war on your friends!

While many things are uncertain right now, we are happy to say that we are not. The safety of our team members and fans is our top priority, but that doesn't mean that the wheels have to stop turning for us. We are well versed in working remotely, and work on Freelancer has been progressing steadily. As of now, we are still on track to launch our Kickstarter in Q2! Our designers and artists are working tirelessly from their own homes on creating the next SafeHaven game.

Speaking of Freelancer, we are excited to share more details with you soon! Below, you can see a preview of some of the fantastic artwork that is being made for the game. We have more information and artwork to show you soon, so keep checking back for more!

Until next time, keep on playing!

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