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Who We Are

Brian Moseley - The Boss

The head honcho started it all with "Winds of Fortune" and "Prove It!" in 2013. Brian's 2 kids have given him all the experience necessary to manage the lot of us. As the glue that holds us all together, Brian manages to focus our efforts while continuing to bring light and excellence to the game community.

What We're About

SafeHaven Games is an Indie Tabletop Games publisher committed to bringing light and excellence to the diverse and ever growing game community through a wide range of innovative titles that we are proud to play alongside our customers and friends. We create memorable experiences through a variety of tabletop games: from board games, to card games, to tabletop roleplaying games.

We see games as the ultimate tool to connect people, strengthen relationships and build community. Lifelong friendships have been built around a single, well loved game! We know this first hand as our team has grown from a college game club to the people we do life with.

Since we first set up vendor and demo tables at GameHole Con in 2015, we've met thousands of gamers and look forward to seeing many of them year after year.

The influence of games in building and maintaining community is an awesome responsibility and we don't take that lightly. We continually "play" to make games that bring people together in memorable and life changing ways! 

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