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Have you ever seen Bigfoot? Aliens? Sock Goblins? Can you Prove It!?

Have a blast playing a wide variety of evidence to prove your cryptids and myths are real while being sure to debunk your opponents' ridiculous theories. You'll need to be convincing though, as every rival will be working to counter your hard work as well.


Prove It! has a strong "take that!" mechanic with strategic choices being the key to prove and debunk myths. The whimsical art and style makes Prove It! a hit with young audiences, but the ability to tell your own stories and present evidence however you want keeps players of all ages rolling on the floor. 



  • 30 Unique Cryptids (based off of real myths from around the world)
  • 57 Opposition Evidence Cards
  • 57 Confirmation Evidence Cards

Prove It!

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$20.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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