• Jake Hampton

Officially Announcing: Freelancer

Updated: Feb 19

You may have noticed that SafeHaven Games has been a bit quiet recently. Behind the scenes, we have been all hands on deck as we have been cooking up our biggest project yet – one many of you have been anticipating. SafeHaven Games is proud to formally announce: Freelancer!

Freelancer is an industrial fantasy tabletop roleplaying game where players take on the role of the titular Freelancers: brave men and women who fight against corruption and conspiracies. The game is set in Tolindia, a powerful and proud nation whose history stretches back thousands of years. Today, Tolindia is a melting pot of species and cultures, with various factions vying for the support of these different groups within society. Freelancers, as agents of the Royal Family, face danger not only from gunfire, but also from the intrigues of the many factions within Tolindia. Freelancers take on Contracts given to them by the various factions, which each faction hopes will increase their own power and gain them an advantage over their rivals. The Freelancers will travel the nation, and often go beyond its borders, to complete these Contracts for both the rewards they bring and the political impact their completion may have.

We have been having an absolute blast playing Freelancer ourselves, and we are confident that the game is a ton of fun to play. However, you don’t need to take just our word for it, as we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone who we have demoed the game with. See for yourself what some of them had to say:

“Interesting game! I like the idea of Attempts.” – Nick

“The roleplay aspect allows for dynamic characters to be developed with each of them being unique in both strengths and flaws.” – Kenny

“A lot of playability. Love the critting system!” – John

“The dual aspect of the game, local and political, and gives players complete freedom to explore ancient history or involve themselves in present intrigues. 10/10, would definitely play again!” – Tim

“Heck of a lot of fun! Would love to play again.” – Grace

“Now that was fun! Thank you!” – Jamie

We will be launching a Kickstarter for Freelancer in 2nd Quarter this year. The Kickstarter will fund a full print run and a boxed starter set. The boxed starter set will include all the components needed to play a campaign of Freelancer, including tiles, dice, and a full scenario pack designed to introduce players to the world of Freelancer. Up to that point, we will be making regular announcements that delve into the world of Freelancer and how the game is played.

We hope that you all back our Kickstarter when the time comes and enjoy the adventures that await you in Freelancer as much as we have.

For Tolindia!