• Jake Hampton

Come see SafeHaven Games at Alpha Omega Con!

This year, we are very happy to announce that SafeHaven Games will be going to Alpha Omega Con, which is taking place this year on September 21st. However, we aren't just going to be there as exhibitors. Brian Moseley, the founder and owner of SafeHaven Games, has been asked to co-lead a panel entitled "The Importance of Excellence" and he also will be participating in a "Bringing Back the Family Game Night" panel this year. Please come by for insights and discussion on these topics, in addition to a sneak peek into SafeHaven's design process and maybe even a few glimpses into what we're cooking up next. Everyone who comes to the "Importance of Excellence" panel is also able to enter our exclusive Alpha Omega Con Giveaway, so come on by and get your chance at free games and swag!

We hope to see you at Alpha Omega Con on Saturday, September 21st, from 10AM to 6PM at the First Baptist Church of Downey in Downey, CA!

Oh, and if you can't make it to Alpha Omega Con? SafeHaven will also be at Mini Wars 2019 in the Titan Student Union, 800 North State College Boulevard, Fullerton, CA on Saturday September 28th and Sunday, September 29th. Come by and enjoy the historical wargaming and stay up to date on the latest samplings of SafeHaven Games!

Stay tuned for more news and announcements on the SafeHaven blog. We have a few projects in the works right now that we're very excited to tell you more about soon!